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Bhutanese Portraits II

While changing computers, I came across many galleries of Bhutan that I had not fully worked on or put up on my web site.  Processing these colorful pictures through the Black and White lens of my memories, I remembered many wonderful moments in what was one of my favorite photography trips.  I cannot recommend enough the wonderful trip that was put together by Robin Smillie of Rainbow Photo Tours.  If you ever want to visit Bhutan, then Robin is the person to work with to set up a memorable journey and plan for you.  Here are some more portraits from that trip.  I will continue to add more as I work through them.

I had been revisiting my Bhutan photographs in anticipation and preparation of my trip to Myanmar in February.  From what I can feel looking at the pictures of Myanmar on the internet, it promises to be similar but yet different.  Similar in that I see the same smiling faces and calmness that is typically seen in most Buddhist cultures but different in that the scenery is rich with history of a once wealthy Kingdom.  The thousands of temples in the valley of Bagan, and the Golden temples in Yangon create both curiosity and concern. For a long time, I have been looking forward to visiting both Myanmar and Cuba and with Myanmar opening up its doors, I grabbed the first opportunity I could get.  Yesterday the US showed more openness towards Cuba and I look forward to going there soon before the colors mix too much with things that are so familiar to me in the Western world.

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