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A few more from last weekend!

People often ask me how I am able to find and photograph the elusive Maiko in Kyoto and my answer is that most of the times it is simply luck. Perhaps one of the luckiest breaks came this past weekend when I was invited inside an Okiya and was able to photograph Maiko Sayaka-san and Maiko Kyouka-san before they left for the traditional Hassaku greeting. As I watched them pose for me, I could not help but be overwhelmed by the sense and scale of tradition that had originated from within that room. History had been made there and many generations of Maiko had stood in their beautiful kimonos and painted faces in the very same space. As I sort through the many pictures I had taken that day, I hope to relive that feeling and perhaps understand more about why I continue to be fascinated by the world of the Maiko.

Maiko Sayaka-san

Maiko Fumitama-san

Maiko Toshiyui-san

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